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Who are We

We are an advertising agency that will provide you a variety of choices and different printing styles. The goal we are seeking is to make our client’s as comfortable as possible this goal is achieved by good services that few are willing to give and not just the best service,but the legendary. Pens gate supply you with talented designers,excellent prices,high quality and a wide range of products.Here you can find whatever you .want

Our Vision

To become Egypt’s number one trusted printing agency and marketing solutions provider. We will provide fresh ideas and creative solutions for our clients, earning the privilege to be their trusted advisor.We are in the business of printing. However, we feel that our company produces something much larger than ink and toner on paper. Today, our vision drives us to push the limits of our skill and technology to develop beautiful, impactful and high-productivity printers and printing applications.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide exceptional service and to follow through on our promises.Also, to provide you with the highest-quality products and services possible in a timely fashion and at a competitive price.We make every effort to be successful, but we recognize that we can only accomplish this if we can help you be successful.Our ambition will drive us to apply our technological knowledge from printing as an information technology to printing as a manufacturing